Word for Word, Without Words

What happens if we divest language of figurativeness and start taking it literally, word for word? With a number of selected idioms of the Slovenian language as our points of departure we have explored linguistic directness and presented it in an interdisciplinary show.  

The exhibition of selected works by 24 artists and artist groups as well as objects and documents from four Slovenian museums reveal the 38 phrases: Marina Abramović in Ulay, Maria Ångerman, Vesna Bukovec, Attila Csörgő, Zvonko Čoh, Edvin Dobrilovič, Društvo za domače raziskave, Igor Eškinja, Tomaž Furlan, Kostja Gatnik, Albert Heta, Siniša Labrović, Giovanni Morbin, Ivan Moudov, Alban Muja, Miki Muster, Arjan Pregl, Provokart, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, RIGUSRS, Raziskovalni inštitut za geo-umetniško statistiko Republike Slovenije, Hinko Smrekar, Ive Tabar, Slaven Tolj, UNIKUM, Kulturni center univerze v Celovcu.

Published by: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana / City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Represented by: Blaž Peršin / Alenka Gregorič
Catalogue editor: Alenka Pirman
Texts by: Alenka Gregorič, Erika Kržišnik, Blaž Peršin, Alenka Pirman (introductory texts), Petra Zaranšek (entries), Iara Boubnova, Tomaž Krpič, Jani Pirnat, Janez Polajnar, Bojana Rogelj Škafar,  Nena Židov and artists (descriptions of works)
Slovenian proofreading: Petra Zaranšek
English translations: Tamara Soban (copy editor Dean DeVos)
Photos by: Photo archives of Celje Regional Museum, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovene Ethnographic Museum and artists (unless stated otherwise)
Design and layout: Ajdin Bašić
Print: Formatisk d.o.o., Ljubljana
Print run: 300

Price: 12 €
No. of pages: 117
ISBN: 978-961- 6587-68-6

Word for Word, Without Words
Word for Word, Without Words, 2012 © Andrej Peunik/MGML

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