ISTER Workshop in Ljubljana: Roman Route heritage as a driver for touristic, local and regional development.

Roman heritage connects and offers new opportunities and collaborations

Workshop within the European project ISTER

Ister project
Ister project © Nejc Kovačič / MGML

City Museum of Ljubljana (as part of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana) is well aware of the importance of Roman heritage. By promoting local cultural heritage, especially Roman, we want to give a new oppurturnity for our stakeholders and general public to see and learn more about opportunities for sustainable growth, both in cultural, touristic and environmental terms.

On 23nd November 2021 City Museum of Ljubljana held a first workshop of ISTER project. 13 participants took part in the event,  the experts and representatives of the City Museum of Ljubljana (MGML), members from Tourism Ljubljana and The Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. The event was perfect opportunity for presentation of the ISTER project to professional and general public.

After the introductory presentation the expectations of the participants were collected. 4 lectures were presented:

  • Strategic approach and touristic development at the destination – Ljubljana,
  • Identifying the local Roman heritage – Emona,
  • Cross-boarder destination for cultural and green tourism (CLAUSTRA+) - case study of identifying the local touristic opportunities,
  • Immersive Storytelling Driven Cooperation for Cultural Heritage Dissemination in Western Balkans – case study for demonstrating the Roman heritage as development possibility).

During the Q&A session we discus possibility of various small projects how to present Roman heritage even closer to the various target groups. After productive discussion following ideas were presented:

  • The Roman day: treasure hunt through the city and museum (for families)
  • Theatrical performance in the archaeological park
  • Public lectures in the museum: “History on plate” and “History in glass” (discussion about Roman food and drink culture)
  • Thematical guided tours through the Emonan ruins (themes: erotica in the Roman era; food and drink; slaves and its way of life; architectural aspect)
  • Presentation of archaeological finds in the Museum Treasury (presentation of Roman findings during recent excavation in Ljubljana)
  • VR glasses on the archaeological sites
  • Augmented reality app with Emonan character
Posted: 25. 11. 2021

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