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From May to October, the circular archeological trail through the center of today's Ljubljana will become the scene of various events, and all will have a common exploration of our ancient Roman past. You can get to know the town of Emona, the first Roman town in the territory of Slovenia. Read on and plan your experience as the new 'Emona season' takes place on the Roman route through Ljubljana.

However, you are always invited to walk the circular Emonan path on your own. In our museum you will receive a map with all the important information. It will lead you to a well, from the statue of the Emonan to a wall, and from the city walls to baptistery. Families can walk around woth a printed family guide Emona from E to A. Before that, check the opening hours of the parks at prijava@mgml.si or 01 24 12 506.

If you want to see the circular Emonan path through Roman Ljubljana with the experienced tour guide on the day that suits you best, let us know at least three days before the selected date on prijava@mgml.si ali  01 24 12 506.

The heritage of Emona is associated with the heritage of the Danube provinces of the former Roman Empire. Archaeological Park Emona is actively involved in the international project ISTER, which is part of the DANUBE REGION.

The project’s purpose is to rediscover and revive the ancient network of roads and settlements established and developed by the Romans along the Danube river, and to use this network as the basis for eco-cultural routes. One of these routes also includes Emona, a colony next to the Ljubljanica river, which connects with the faraway Danube through the Sava river. It includes studying, documenting and finally the establishment of an atlas and a tourist promotion of the road networks in the Danubian provinces of the former Roman Empire.

Posted: 11. 5. 2021

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