Vision 20/20: Community. Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography
© Metod Blejec

Vision 20/20: Community. Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography

23. 10. 2020–31. 12. 2020

After being with us for more than seven months, we have now said goodbye to the incredible exhibition, which was realised in extraordinary times. The exhibition of contemporary Indonesian engaged photography, which inspired us, moved us deeply, and led us to look beyond the horizon of stereotypes is still virtually accessible – through the photographs and virtual tours.

27 photographers with their individual projects and own visions of the Indonesian society and social interaction in this country, which we too often only comprehend through a simplified frame of general stereotypes, represent the geographic vastness of Indonesia. Specific Indonesian communities, whose stories are narrated by photographers that were engaged and involved with the community, often reflect our own challenges, which are far from being exotic and so characteristic for the contemporary global society and its dynamics.

Virtual opening of the exhibition

#1Virtual guided tour (Introduction)

#2 Virtual guided tour (Malahayati)

#3 Virtual guided tour (Yoppy Pieter)

#4 Virtual guided tour (Fajri Azhari)

#5 Virtual guided tour (Rangga Yudhistira)

#6 Virtual guided tour (Adrian Mulya)

#7 Virtual guided tour (Utami Godjali)

#8 Virtual guided tour (Yusni Aziz)

#9 Virtual guided tour (Djoyosantyo Joachim)

#10 Virtual guided tour (Aprillio Abdullah Akbar)

#11 Virtual guided tour (Muhammad Fadli)

#12 Virtual guided tour (Eka Nickmatulhuda)

#13 Virtual guided tour (Edy Susanto)

#14 Virtual guided tour (Sapta Hudaya)

#15 Virtual guided tour (Aji Susanto Anom)

#16 Virtual guided tour (Michael Eko)

#17 Virtual guided tour (Ismar Patrizki)

#18 Virtual guided tour (Azhari Setiawan)

#19 Virtual guided tour (Fahreza Ahmad)

#20 Virtual guided tour (Rosa Panggabean)

#21 Virtualno vodstvo (Okky Ardya)

#22 Virtual guided tour (Romi Perbawa)

#23 Virtual guided tour (Hariandi Hafid)

#24 Virtual guided tour (Muni Moon)

#25 Virtual guided tour (Albertus Vembrianto)

#26 Virtual guided tour (Zulkifli)

#27 Virtual guided tour (Fauzy Chaniago)

#28 Virtual guided tour (Aftonun Nuha)


Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana
In collaboration with: PannaFoto (Jakarta, ID), Živi Atelje DK (Zagreb, HR)
Photographers: Adrian Mulya, Aftonun Nuha, Aji Susanto Anom, Albertus Vembrianto, Aprillio Abdullah Akbar, Azhari Setiawan, Djoyosantyo Joachim, Edy Susanto, Eka Nickmatulhuda, Fahreza Ahmad, Fajri Azhari, Fauzy Chaniago, Hariandi Hafid, Ismar Patrizki, Malahayati, Michael Eko, Muhammad Fadli, Muni Moon, Okky Ardya, Rangga Yudhistira, Romi Perbawa, Rosa Panggabean, Sapta Hudaya, Utami Godjali, Yoppy Pieter, Yusni Aziz, Zulkifli
Curators: Marija Skočir (MGML), Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto), Saša Kralj (Živi Atelje DK)
Curatorial and organisational assistance: Julija Hoda, Lisna Dwi Astuti
Graphic and exhibition design: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Proars)
Realisation of the exhibition: Technical Service MGML, O.K.vir
The project was made possible by: City of Ljubljana,  Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Slovenia Resident in Vienna
Media sponsor: TAM-TAM

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