Plečnik House in 2019: From a Rich Programme at the Plečnik House to a Presentation of Plečnik's Works at the Vatican and the Brijuni Islands

The National and University Library, Plečnik as Inspiration, Plečnik's Unrealised Projects for Ljubljana, Plečnik's sacral artefacts, and his last fully realised project, the pavilion on Brioni — all of them will leave a mark on the 2019 exhibition programme for the Plečnik House.

Plečnik's National and University Library
Plečnik's National and University Library © NUK archive

The 2019 programme of the Plečnik House will be characterised by three interesting exhibitions. We shall commence our exhibition year on the first day of February with the Plečnik's National and University Library, a collaboration with the National and University Library (NUK). The exhibition's author is Žiga Cerkvenik from NUK, and it will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the aeroplane crash into the Great Reading Hall of the library. The exhibition will reveal some hitherto never seen archival photographs and will put a spotlight on the lives of librarians working at the NUK during the Second World War.

As Plečnik's work continues to inspire young artists and creators, we reserved the spring-summer term at the Plečnik House for the exhibition Plečnik as Inspiration, a collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF). The interdisciplinary student project, which connected various departments at the NTF, will present several more unknown works of Plečnik. Students incorporated them, through various media, in their sphere of work with information and graphics technologies.

The last exhibition of 2019 at the Plečnik House will focus on Plečnik’s Unrealised Projects in Ljubljana. The exhibition, prepared by curator Ana Porok, will reveal how would the city look if Plečnik succeeded in realising all of his visions. Some of the unrealised buildings will be recreated in collaboration with architect Nejc Bernik from the France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU with modern renders and 3D models.

Alongside the exhibitions at our museum, we shall also present Plečnik on two exhibitions held abroad. This year’s exceptional event will surely be the exhibition on Plečnik’s sacral art, held in June and July at the Vatican Museums. The exhibition is being prepared by Dr. Peter Krečič, an expert on Plečnik’s work, and curator Ana Porok. It will present Plečnik as an outstanding and unique designer of sacral artefacts: chalices, monstrances, ciboriums, and sacramentariums.

Alongside travelling to the Vatican, visitors to the Brijuni Islands will also be able to familiarise themselves with Plečnik’s work. In May, we are planning the exhibition Plečnik on Brioni, which will conclude its more than a year-long journey across Croatian cities. It has already travelled to Zagreb, Varaždin, Osijek, and Karlovac. The exhibition Plečnik on Brioni, a collaboration between the National and University Library and Plečnik House and first displayed at the Plečnik House in early 2017, focuses on Plečnik’s last fully realised project, the garden pavilion in Brioni that Plečnik, which the architect designed for Tito on behalf of the Federation of Associations of Combatants of Slovenian National Liberation Army. The Croatian version of the exhibition, which travelled our southern neighbour the exceptional help from the Embassy of Slovenia in Zagreb, has been supplemented by three extra panels on the topic of Plečnik’s realised and unrealised projects in Croatia.

All the exhibitions prepared this year will be, as is tradition, supported by interesting events — follow us on the web and our Facebook and share 2019 with us.

Posted: 21. 1. 2019