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Ivan Moudov (1975, Sofia) has completed his studies at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2002 and soon became one of the most notable artists of his generation.

17. December 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Slovenian artist Tanja Lažetić reached the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Holon, where she will reside and work until the end of November. The Center for Digital Art in Holon is a dynamic platform for producing, researching, presenting and ...

13. October 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Lana Čmajčanin (1983, Sarajevo), has graduated sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and is a founding member of the Association for Art and Culture “Crvena”. She lives and works in Sarajevo. Lana works individually as well as ...

17. September 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

The work of Lee Nevo consists of habitual estrangement of found objects that are treated with care and merged into sculptures, videos, drawings and installations. Her curiously intelligent vantage point materializes into an emblematic yet amusing works that vary between ...

19. June 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

The jury (Alenka Gregorič / art director of City Art Gallery Ljubljana and CC Tobačna 001, Sabina Salomon / curator of photo collection, media art, film and video in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Alenka Trebušak / curator ...

20. May 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Thomas Miessgang, curator and art critic has written about the artist: "Ovidiu Anton's aesthetic employs the stylistic device of paradoxical intervention. It relates intellectually to forms of expression found in youth subcultures, such as spraying, stencil art and street art, ...

9. May 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Ana Čigon is the slovene artist selected for the artist-in-residence exchange between CC Tobačna 001 and Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art.

3. April 2014
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

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