News: Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

In 2021, Tobačna Gallery will continue its look at smaller projects by important artists of the middle and younger generations that, by employing experimentation and new production approaches, importantly contribute to the vitality of Slovenian and international creativity. The year ...

28. December 2020
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

Tobačna Gallery is presenting works of Viktor Bernik at the exhibition "HA, HA, HA!". Bernik takes on contemporary society with playfulness and humour, shifting back and forth between the fields of painting and those of drawing, video, graphics as well ...

3. June 2020
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

As lots of axolotls spend most of their lives as model organisms in scientific laboratories, the axolotls that were hatched at Sarah's aquarium are descendants from axolotls that had been lucky to leave the scientific laboratories. As they have been ...

9. January 2020
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001

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