Exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana will be the most comprehensive survey of Iztok Sitar’s comics production so far

Iztok Sitar is one of the leading and most prolific authors of engaged comics in Slovenia. In the thirty-five years of producing authorial comics, he has managed to afford this artistic endeavour an important place in Slovenian cultural milieu.

Iztok Sitar, 2 ženski
Iztok Sitar, 2 ženski

He has also published in many national and foreign magazines and newspapers. The retrospective at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana (MGML), which presents his extensive body of comics, is the most thorough overview of his thirty-five year career and includes a selection of eight books that embody Sitar’s personal and visually and verbally expressive maturity, which he has worked for persistently, thoroughly and patiently since his artistic beginnings. The following comic books are exhibited: Sperm and Blood (1990), The Woman Who Makes Love to a Cat(1998), Black Men, White Bones (1999), 4000 (2001), The Story of God (2004), Heads (2006), The Diary of Anne Tank (2008) and Freaks Love Differently (2014). Sitar is not only known as a comic book artist, but also as an illustrator and cartoonist, and particularly as an insightful critic of the comic book art and scene in Slovenia. 

Posted: 16. 1. 2019