Art in this time of isolation

A new campaign by the City Art Gallery Ljubljana/MGML aims to support artists during the current crisis. At a time when fear looms larger than creativity, when panic exceeds inspiration and the bad news outweighs the good, the City Art Gallery Ljubljana wants to share art through a channel with a large number of followers.

Milanka Fabjančič, illustration
Milanka Fabjančič, illustration

With the doors of our gallery remaining closed until further notice, we are opening up space on our Facebook page and inviting all artists and creators to use their creativity and works of art to defy the anxiety that currently haunts us all. We are sure that many interesting works are being created at this difficult time, so we invite you to send us photos of any art you are working on that addresses the current situation. Our first Facebook exhibition will ‘open’ at 8 pm on Friday, 20 March. Others will follow, depending on how much material we receive.

When the quarantine period is over, the City Art Gallery Ljubljana will gather together the original works and organize a fundraising evening to help mitigate the difficult financial situation that the spread of the coronavirus is creating for artists.

We kindly ask you to email photographs or reproductions of your artworks to umetnostvizolaciji@gmail.com. These should be in jpeg, png or gif format, and should include the name of the artist. As our Facebook gallery has only limited space, we suggest a limit of five works per artist.

The illustrator Milanka Fabjančič was the first to send us the work she has been creating during this time of social isolation, and it was this that inspired us to launch this campaign. It is our sincere hope that as many artists as possible will follow her example. After all, by so doing, they will be helping art to spread even faster than the virus!

Posted: 17. 3. 2020

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