The End of the “Triangular Head, Square Body” Creative Competition

Upon Dragica Čadež’s exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, we have prepared the “Triangular Head, Square Body” creative competition and received 130 entries in the form of diverse abstract sculptures. We have decided to give out prizes for the most inventive figures made out of kitchen utensils, stationary, natural and waste material and even cosmetic products and toys. The choice was not easy!

Aljaž, Josip Jurčič high school, Ivančna Gorica
Aljaž, Josip Jurčič high school, Ivančna Gorica

A family ticket for all the venues of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, a pencil and a rubber with the motif of the Cukrarna Gallery go to Julija and Hana from the Josip Jurčič High School in Ivančna Gorica and Mitja, Alisa and Tea from the Jože Plečnik High School in Ljubljana. Naja from the Josip Jurčič High School, Živa from the Jože Plečnik High School and Adrijan, Mark and Sara from the Veliki Gaber Primary School will receive a family ticket and a pencil, while our youngest competitors, the seven-year-old Alexandra from Celje and the six-year-old Jakob from Berlin, will receive not only a family ticket, but also a playful museum colouring book as an encouragement for their further creative engagement.

All prize winners will be informed about the competition results through their teachers or via e-mail. 

Stay creative!

Posted: 19. 2. 2021

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