Photographic Histories in Central and Eastern Europe

"Photographic Histories in Central and Eastern Europe: Practices, Circulation and Legacies" is the third in a series of international conferences initiated in Warsaw in 2016 with the aim of developing and promoting interdisciplinary studies about photography and its histories in the region.

May 2018
Time: 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
Location: City Museum of Ljubljana
Adults, students, seniors
Photographic Histories in Central and Eastern Europe

Since its very beginnings, professional as well as non-professional photographers have used photography in Central and Eastern Europe to record all aspects of life. Photography has thus participated in spreading and shaping knowledge about the region, its people, and the rest of the world. In spite of the central role photography has played in the diverse socio-cultural environments of Central and Eastern Europe, research on its history in this part of the continent is still little appreciated and remains understudied.

In 2018, we seek to enhance understandings of the mechanisms and realities that have influenced the development of local photographic practices and their relationship with uses of photography elsewhere. We also aspire to expand knowledge about social and cultural customs that facilitated the circulation and legacies of photographs throughout the medium’s history in the region. Paper proposals may therefore address a range of interrelated topics, including but not limited to:

  • The history and state of photographic collections/archives, the opportunities they present and the challenges they face.
  • The history and state of local research practices and academic discourses on photography (research topics, theory and methodology).
  • The circulation of photographs and photographic images in public and private spheres and their impact on collective imaginations in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. the uses of photography in art, media, politics…).

The conference will take place between 8 and 10 May 2018 at the City Museum of Ljubljana. The presentations will be given in English.
Registration deadline is 30 April 2018. 
More about the conference here, the programme here, the registration form here.

Keynote speakers: Dr Marianna Michałowska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań) and Dr Ilija Tomanić Trivundža (University of Ljubljana)
Organisation and Advisory Committee: Marta Ziętkiewicz (Liber pro Arte, Warsaw), Gil Pasternak (PHRC, De Montfort University, Leicester), Ewa Manikowska (Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw), Petra Trnková (Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague), Eva Pluhařová-Grigienė (Independent researcher) and Marija Skočir (Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana)
Organisation: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (Ljubljana), Slovenia, in association with Liber pro Arte (Warsaw), Institute of Art History, The Czech Academy of Sciences (Prague), Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) and Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University (Leicester)
Supported by: the Museum of Galleries of Ljubljana, the City of Ljubljana and the Czech Academy of Sciences within the Strategy AV21 framework

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