News: Jakopič Gallery

On Tuesday 10 November, curator Marija Skočir and head of the Jakopič Gallery presented our latest large project. Centred on the topic of Slovenian photoreportage, it is a collaboration with the Social Communication Research Centre at the Faculty of Social ...
17. November 2020
Jakopič Gallery

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020 in the Jakopič Gallery we virtually opened the exhibition of contemporary Indonesian engaged photography.

18. March 2020
Jakopič Gallery

After a year of enthusiasm, hard work and international cooperation, we are proud to see the exhibition Vision 20/20: Community – Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography finalised and ready for our visitors. However, all public events in Slovenia have been cancelled ...

17. March 2020
Jakopič Gallery

We are pleased to report that the VISION 20/20 exhibition on contemporary Indonesian photography is shaping up nicely. For the last two days the curators Marija Skočir (Jakopič Gallery-Slovenia), Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto Institute-Indonesia) and Saša Kralj (Živi Atelje DK-Croatia) ...

15. January 2020
Jakopič Gallery

From contemporary Indonesian photography to Slovenian press photography

6. January 2020
Jakopič Gallery

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