Jakopič Gallery in 2020

From contemporary Indonesian photography to Slovenian press photography


Following a hugely successful exhibition of works by an Iraqi photographer (Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq, 2018/19), we have introduced a new direction in the programme of the Jakopič Gallery to establish a non-Europocentric view of the contemporary world photography. We thereby wish to stress the importance of seemingly marginal social communities, whose photography, however, boasts a production of the highest quality and wider social relevance. Based on a public call, the curatorial team comprised Marija Skočir (Jakopič Gallery-Slovenia), Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto Institute-Indonesia) and Saša Kralj (Živi Atelje DK-Croatia) has selected 27 projects, which best fit the topic of “community” and will be presented at the Vision 20/20 exhibition in March 2020.

As a result of a collaboration with several organizations we are announcing another one exhibition. In cooperation with the Social Communication Research Centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Membrana Institute for Research, Education and Cultural Activities, we are developing a theoretical and exhibition project on Slovenian press photography. The project does not seek to make a chronological presentation or simply list the authors from the field; neither does it wish to establish an encyclopaedic or cataloguing overview. We will approach press photography from the perspective of themes (through the main categories of EVERYDAY, IDENTITY, POWER), and use them to present the evolvement, impulses for the emergence of certain practices, and specific aspects that have marked this genre in Slovenia. The project will be presented in October 2020.

Posted: 6. 1. 2020

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