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Casting death masks is one of the oldest sculptural portrait techniques. Immediately after the passing of an important individual, a professional sculptor created a mould of his face and cast a limited number of masks in wax or plaster.

17. October 2017
Match Gallery

A gallery has been built within the Match Gallery for "Work or Your Art", a group exhibition of an art collective deriving from the Shimbun Onna Gallery in Osaka. Visitors can thus relive the proportions of the Japanese gallery and ...

13. September 2017
Match Gallery

The Match Gallery is presenting the group exhibition "The World Without Us: Narratives on the age of non-human actors", authored by the internationally renowned curator and art director of Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV, Dortmund) Inke Arns.

19. June 2017
Match Gallery

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