Programme accompanying the Meltdown exhibition

As the issue of glacier retreat is also relevant in Slovenia (Triglav Glacier and the Skuta Glacier), we have organised a series of lectures accompanying the exhibition Meltdown in cooperation with the Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU and a lecture about predicting sea flooding in the [M_oder] programme.

© Metod Blejec

Lecture series Geographical images of climate change, Anton Melik Geographical Institute ZRC SAZU

16 February at 18.00
Glaciers - direct indicators of climate change at our doorstep, MSc. Miha Pavšek

16 March at 18.00
Response of Slovenian watercourses to climate change, Dr. Mauro Hrvatin

5 April at 18.00
Our views on nature from environmental protection to climate change adaptation, Dr. Blaž Komac

[M_oder] lecture

22 February at 18.00
Lojze Žust: Deep learning method for predicting sea flooding

Posted: 28. 1. 2022

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