Start of the project Ripples by NOOR Images

The core visual story of the exhibition project Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water is narrated by cutting-edge water-themed photographs from the archives of the Dutch photography agency NOOR Images. The project is based on a re-questioning of gallery settings practice whether expensive frames, large formats and high-end display equipment really make the photographs and the exhibition more meaningful. We have set up the exhibition using existing materials, and the opening on 14 February actually marks the beginning of an evolving project. You are invited to join in!

© Tanja Habjouqa / NOOR Images

In line with NOOR Images' core mission to create opportunities for sustainable exhibition production, at the Jakopič Gallery we have endeavoured to reuse materials that we have accumulated in the gallery over the 15 years of activity under the auspices of the Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana (MGML), or from waste materials that we have acquired from elsewhere, for the installation of the exhibition Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water. In this way we would like to achieve a small change in the way we create gallery exhibitions.

We ask ourselves: can we give the viewer an unspoilt experience of looking at great photographs and understanding their content, even if we have not invested in standard, new, glossy materials and equipment? Can we replace printed materials, products, graphics and billboards with the creativity of diverse creative participants? You can see how we managed to translate this into the exhibition live in the gallery, and we've documented the process of the exhibition's creation in The Ripples Diary.

We have already tried to do something good for the planet by making recycled paper invitation from our old ones, that were screen-printed, enveloped in paper from our warehouse and sealed with the Ripples logo. We are trying to spread an idea of a sustainable way of  advertising to the streets of Ljubljana, as we are planning an art action on TAM-TAM's advertising towers between 14 and 27 March 2023, in collaboration with mentors and art school students.

Also the project aims to break the usual battle with time and the chasing of installation deadlines in the process of its exhibition. It will therefore change, evolve, complement itself over the course of its duration.

If we have inspired you, you can send us your ideas and initiatives to galerija.jakopic@mgml.si.

Let's try to wave together!

Posted: 30. 1. 2023

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