"The exhibition was a wonderful journey"

Amazing, interesting, stunning, wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, conscious… are the common adjectives our visitors used to describe their impressions after viewing the "Marc Riboud: Conscious Traveller. Concerned Photographer." exhibition.


The exhibition’s book of impressions also contains the following quotes:

  • I do not like it when my mom takes me to some gallery, but this time she did not make a mistake. It was great!
  • A great exhibition full of details worth reading carefully and feeling deeply.
  • The need to travel explodes in my heart every time I saw these pictures.
  • Excellent visual sources for learning the diversity of life.
  • Truly unique, truly touched me.
  • The exhibition was a wonderful journey.
  • Simply stunning! What a privilege to see so many of Marc Riboud's images.
  • A beautiful exhibition of a great photographer with consciousness.
  • Amazed by what Marc Riboud was able to capture in people's expressions and movements.

The exhibition by the French conscious traveller and concerned photographer is on view at the Jakopič Gallery until 14 October. Do not miss the opportunity to be touched by it!

Posted: 3. 10. 2018