Jakopič Gallery in 2021

In the Jakopič Gallery in mid-January, we are announcing the opening of the exhibition "On the Other Side", which has taken an interdisciplinary approach, assessing photojournalism through the lenses of media studies, art history and photographic theory. The scientific and exhibition project approaches photoreportage from the perspective of themes (Identity, Power, and The Everyday).

Roger Ballen
Roger Ballen © Halle Saint Pierre

The programme will continue with a retrospective exhibition by Roger Ballen, one of the most important photographers of today. "The World According to Roger Ballen" is hitherto the photographer’s largest exhibition, produced by the Parisian gallery Halle Saint-Pierre. At the exhibition, created in dialogue with the author and specifically curated for our gallery, visitors will be able to experience Ballen’s visualisation of worlds situated between dreams and reality. The programme in 2021 will conclude with "Meltdown. A Visualization of Climate Change" exhibition. The exhibition is a narrative of the importance of glaciers told in a scientific, illustrative, and poetic way and each artist has a unique take on the subject.

Posted: 6. 1. 2021

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