Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing

... the possibility to train the very eye

In June, the final two-day workshop will be held in the framework of the study group "Up Close: Photography as a Way of Seeing", which focuses on a different training model, where learning means teaching and teaching means learning: a process, not based on hierarchical transmission of advice on what somebody should do, think and repeat, but rather brimming with experience and enabling ever new issues to emerge and everybody involved to grow.

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After the first workshop, it became clear that the group had attracted participants of the very same type as the mentors are: very different from each other, their expectations high, their motivation strong. Guests Like Tihomir Pinter who inducted the group into the depths of the black-and-white technique to become aware once again of the fundamental origin of photography as a physical-chemical process, and Tone Stojko who transferred a whole portrait studio into the gallery, have appeared as example masters of photography who have each brought a certain segment of photography to perfection, and there certainly are such examples in Slovenia. This is of major importance to learners who have yet been seeking their primary means of expression. In addition to presenting various types of making photographs, we also wish to focus on different manners of presenting them – from exhibitions through photo essays to photo book.

And photo book, presented by photographer and publisher Jaka Babnik, together with travel photography will be the focus of the upcoming workshop, taking place on 1 and 2 June.

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Posted: 4. 5. 2018