DK with Scotoma at Split's Salon Galić gallery

Salon Galić (Split, Croatia), 8 September 2023 (at 7 p.m. - Artist talk about the Scotoma project with DK and the Jakopič Gallery director and curator Dr Marija Skočir, at 8 p.m. - Exhibition opening)

Invited by the Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HULU) and in cooperation with the Jakopič Gallery (Ljubljana), the Slovenian photographer DK will present his photographic opus Scotoma for the third time in its entirety in Split's Salon Galić gallery from 8 September 2023. Scotoma comprises 6 series and is, in the words of the author, “a visualized journey that navigates between our personal enigma and the universal predicament that we face“. The exhibition was first shown at Jakopič Gallery in 2019 and has since toured successfully at home and abroad.

from the Scotoma opus
from the Scotoma opus © DK

The term scotoma comes from the Greek σκότος/skotos, darkness. Through photographs, DK explores the horizon of perception and the difference between observing and seeing. Photographs refer to a gap, not only in visual function, but in the mind's perception, cognition and world view. In other words, Scotoma explores the reasons behind our incapability of reaching an agreement on any given topic.

From the initial series the images gradually progress towards the disintegrating role of watching so that in it’s concluding series they can visualize what is primarily a mental object.

DK chose this line of non-representational images when it became obvious that in a post-factual society, reasoning is incapable of offering any solutions. Made weary by the flood of photographs showing crises and routine atrocities, that has changed nothing, but ultimately only enhanced our insensitivity as a form of a self-defense, he had to rethink whether documentary photography still possesses any relevance in our post-factual world.

How can photographs visualize our “contemporary” moment and not mere manifestations of it? How can photographs visualize the abstract notion that makes hostages of us all? Photography functions as direct conceptual action in philosophical sense while the art object acts merely as encrypted reference to tangible reality.

For a virtual tour of the exhibition CLICK HERE.

In addition to the exhibition at the Jakopič Gallery, produced in collaboration with Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana, the Museum and Galleries of the City of Ljubljana (MGML) published the Scotoma monograph in 2019, with essays by the exhibition's curator, Dr Marija Skočir, and philosopher Dr Marina Gržinić.

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Posted: 28. 8. 2023

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