Zvonka T Simčič
Zvonka T SimčičSilent Power // Traces
5. 2. 2013–1. 3. 2013
Following the birth of her son Adam, in New Allegories, 2008, 2009 Zvonka T Simčič addressed the period after giving birth, the role of a single mother, and the treatment of single-parent families by the state. In her latest video, entitled Traces, 2012, she further develops her previously highlighted topics and by means of the motif of Fair Vida communicates to Slovene society that she disagrees with the discriminatory outcome of the referendum on the Family Code, by which rights were denied to children from more liberal family forms.
Vahram Aghsyan
Vahram AghsyanSigns of Future
30. 10. 2012–16. 12. 2012
At a time when society is characterized by social and political indifference and the individual by the consumerism culture, which leads him to exhaustion and intellectual apathy, the Armenian artist Vahram Aghasyan once again researches the concepts of exhibition and artwork, and the role of a visitor in the establishment of the two.The absence of an artwork in an exhibition space has always raised certain concerns, if not even disgust. So called “empty” exhibitions have appeared sporadically in the art history for the last 60 years. As each offers its own reading such projects remain actual.
Mark Požlep
Mark PožlepWhatever Happened to Major Tom
13. 9. 2012–14. 10. 2012
Mark Požlep’s installation "Whatever Happened to Major Tom" pertains to that part of his artistic output that visually and symbolically draws on clichéd motifs taken from the world of contemporary media images. The artist transforms and presents them in installations that often include videos.
Efrat Vital
Efrat VitalNormal Town
1. 8. 2012–2. 9. 2012
The creativity of Efrat Vital, which primarily refers to video, photography, and installation, reveals her fascination with oppositions triggered by co-positioning individual questions related to two different mediums. On one hand, such concerns researching elements of film narration such as the movement and rhythm of images, while on the other, it entails studying form and composition, i.e. elements connected to the field of fine arts.
Ed Atkins & Patrick Ward
Ed Atkins & Patrick WardDefining Holes
31. 5. 2012–22. 7. 2012
Defining Holes plots the various nothings that exist between and within moving image. Using stock footage, youtube esoterica, genre cinema, original HD video, stirring music and conspicuous sound design, "Defining Holes" will compel itself and the viewer into affective coincidence. A conversation will be conducted concerning holes – but spoken in a peculiar vernacular: gaping vowels, narrow full stops and petering ellipses; intrusions, extrusions, and vast dilations.
Apolonija Šušteršič
Apolonija ŠušteršičPolitics "In Space". Action for Change. Research Project
19. 4. 2012–20. 5. 2012
A defining characteristic of artist and architect Apolonija Šušteršič’s  art is a critical, spatial practice, always location-specific,  trans-disciplinary, and conceived with research and collaboration in mind. Šušteršič’s projects deal with the relations between art,  architecture, and spatial planning, and with their social, cultural, and  political implications, questioning the predominant views on art and  architecture (views focused on the design and production of objects) and  broadening them to encompass the processes and relations generated  through the production of a space. 
James Powderly & Eun-Jung Son
James Powderly & Eun-Jung SonThe Lickers
23. 2. 2012–8. 4. 2012
James Powderly and Eun-Jung Son will present some of their past  activities as they begin their Artist in Residency programme at LJUDMILA  in cooperation with Cultural Centre Tobačna 001.
Alban Muja
Alban MujaIt’s All About Names
12. 1. 2012–12. 2. 2012
Young artist from Kosovo (born 1980 in Mitrovica) is showing an exhibition project, which took shape during the two-month stay in CC Tobačna 001. His recent work, video and photo installation addresses socially engaged themes that are central to his art practice through individuals and their names.
Transmittance #2
Transmittance #2
13. 12. 2011–13. 12. 2011
Transmittance explores collaboration which is local, global, networked and broadcasted. It involves an artistic group of performers, visual artists, musicians and computer programmers to research performative possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new types of performance and audience. With a focus on critical and socially-aware artistic languages this work is based on asking questions about body, self and society - opening non-dualistic perspectives.
Sašo Sedlaček
Sašo SedlačekiSmoke 2
3. 11. 2011–4. 12. 2011
The artist is known for dealing with current social phenomena. With his multimedia and interactive works he actively explores in the field of ecology and reminds us of the recycling of goods in the broadest sense. The exhibition at the Gallery 001 focuses on the segment of the society which is pushed to the marginality as a non-pure moment in an otherwise brilliant picture of everyday life. Central to Sašo Sedlaček’s artistic practice are socially engaged themes dealing with trash, recycling, and technology, which the artist addresses with sharp-witted humour to comment on the harsh reality of global pollution.
Justyna Koeke
Justyna KoekeSodom and Gomorrah
11. 10. 2011–23. 10. 2012
The residence programme of Cultural Centre Tobačna 001 will in cooperation with the City of Women host the artist who will at the 17th  International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women perform in the spirit of this year's festival topic – Abracadabra.
Aleksandra Domanović
Aleksandra Domanović19:30
15. 9. 2011–7. 10. 2011
Taking its title from the time slot of the evening television news programs in the former Yugoslavia, Domanović’s project "19:30" is an anthology of the newscasts’ titles and theme tunes and an emerging collection of their commissioned remixes, edits, and new versions. For the project, musical themes from the first televised Yugoslavian news broadcast in 1958 up to the present were taken from national state-owned television stations.
Katarina Zdjelar
Katarina ZdjelarToday's motto is »Do one thing passengers that one helps«
4. 8. 2011–28. 8. 2011
In Tobačna gallery 001 Zdjelar is showing her video work Today’s motto is »Do one thing passengers that one helps« made during her residency at the Cultural Centre Tobačna 001. 
AVA 003
AVA 003
8. 7. 2011–20. 7. 2011
Interim Show presents works created by 1st and 2nd year students of Fine  Art and Conceptualisation of Space in the academic year 2010/11. The  works are made in various media, including photography, painting,  sculpture, installation, video and set designs for theatre, TV and film.
Der Sturm
group exhibition
Der SturmVisual Informans and Slovene Historical Avant-garde
18. 5. 2011–26. 6. 2011
In January 1929  a special edition of Der Sturm art magazine, entitled  Junge Slovenische Kunst, flashed in Berlin. This thematic issue No.10  has launched the Europeanisation of Slovene art.
Jan Fabre
Jan FabreUmbraculum
19. 3. 2011–8. 5. 2011
Installations again involving metamorphosis, which take the spectator within grasp of experiences not usually associated with everyday life.

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