Destilator pop-up: Products with the seal of Jakopič Gallery

With the opening of the exhibition Ripples: A Visual Diary of Water, the Destilator pop-up shop was also launched at the Jakopič Gallery. In the sustainable spirit of the Ripples project, you can find in it useful recycled products - wallets, bags, maps and more - made from an old promotional flag and and a banner for our past exhibitions.

© Maja Modrijan / Destilator Studio

The products were conceived and sewn by sustainable designer Maja Modrijan, the driving force and heart of Destilator Studio.

You are invited to visit our pop-up shop to find your own limited edition piece with fragments of the 15-year exhibition history of the Jakopič Gallery literally sewn into it.

The GJ by Destilator Studio products are also available in the MGML online shop.

Posted: 23. 2. 2023

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