Open call Photography Empowers for photographers and visual storytellers in collaboration with communities

On the occasion of the exhibition of the socially engaged photographer and member of Magnum Photos Susan Meiselas, Jakopič Gallery announces an open call for participation at the masterclass Photography Empowers for photographers and visual storytellers working with communities. Project applications proposals that aim to significantly enhance the visibility, inclusivity, engagement and empowerment of diverse communities in Slovenia are invited until 14 April 2023. Up to 12 selected photographers will take part in a free masterclass with Susan Meiselas and the renowned photography experts Lydia Matthews and Luciana Pinchiero.

A workshop with Susan Meiselas, 2023
A workshop with Susan Meiselas, 2023

Through the open call we are looking for passionate photographers and visual storytellers of all levels who are socially aware and committed to promoting inclusivity in contemporary society. We welcome project proposals that aim to significantly enhance the visibility, inclusivity, engagement and empowerment of diverse communities in Slovenia.
Projects should be grounded in an established, engaged relationship and ongoing dialogue between the photographer and the community, and should involve several weeks of photographic work leading up to a live workshop for photographers. It is important to consider the impact of the project on the community and how it will benefit them. This includes increasing their participation, presence, and visibility, as well as how the project will positively impact their future activities.
This open call is extended to both photographers and communities. Photographers have the opportunity to choose the communities they wish to work with, while communities can also propose their own ideas for participation and share meaningful stories. A community can choose a preferred photographer, they can express their choice and come to an agreement with him/her to apply for the Masterclass. Their selected photographer may also be a member of the community itself.

The Masterclass Photography Empowers will include:
- mentoring by three internationally renowned experts in photography: Susan Meiselas, one of the most socially conscious living photographers today, Lydia Matthews, an established American curator, writer, researcher and lecturer, and Luciana Pinchiero, a dedicated Argentinian contemporary visual artist based in New York
- one online meeting with the three mentors to present individual projects on 25 april 2023 from 5 to 7 p.m. 
- independent fieldwork to document the chosen community (along with the collection of existing material)
- individual preparation for the creation of a visual narrative
- a two-day live workshop on 17 and 18 June 2023, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. where ideas will be developed to finalize produced work
- presentation of projects in distinct communities

Selection process and Masterclass flow:
All proposals to be submitted to galerija.jakopic@mgml.si by 14 April 2023 by photographers or community representatives will undergo a review by a panel consisting of three mentors and a representative from Jakopič Gallery.
The panel will then choose the top 12 photographers, with the announcement of the selection to be made by 19 April at the latest.
The selected projects will then undergo a development process prior to the live Masterclass workshop. During the workshop, the mentors will review the projects and provide feedback, assistance with editing and sequencing, and guidance on developing the presentation form.

Photographers and community members, don't miss this great opportunity to showcase your unique story and work with renowned photography experts!

Full text of the call:
Open call_Masterclass_Susan Meiselas_Mediations_ENG.docx

Watch the online presentation of the masterclass here.

Posted: 28. 3. 2023

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