“VISION 20/20”, an INTERNATIONALLY CURATED EXHIBITION of Indonesian photography

Call for photographic projects

Exhibition venue: Jakopič Gallery, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Submission fee: none

Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq, 2018/2019 exhibition in Jakopič Gallery
Over my Eyes: Stories of Iraq, 2018/2019 exhibition in Jakopič Gallery © Andrej Peunik / MGML


The Jakopič Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia), the PannaFoto Institute (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Living Atelier DK (Zagreb, Croatia) are pleased to invite Indonesian photographers to propose completed photographic projects for possible selection for an exhibition to be held in Slovenia, Europe, in 2020. Artists are welcome to submit works either in a photographic medium or as video and/or mixed media, provided that a photographic approach has been adopted. Thematically, the projects should deal with the subject of community. You do not have to address any of the following questions directly, but they may assist your thought process:

Community means sharing something. Bacteria share my body, I share an apartment with my partner. We share public spaces with other people and we share the Earth and nature with plants and animals. 

Animals are a community, and plants are a different community. Some birds form a community with crocodiles - we call it symbiosis. 

Humans are a community, yet they decide to declare smaller communities and define them on the basis of differences from “others”.

In the name of community, uprisings and revolutions have been fomented. In the name of community, those who do not fit in are bullied, tortured or exterminated. Communities may accept new members in a variety of ways, yet that acceptance changes the individuals accepted. And sometimes the newly accepted members change the community from within.

Community includes but it also excludes. Those outside a particular community can tell us a lot about the community that excluded them, or from which they feel excluded.

So, what is community? What is its essence? Is it like the rainbow, a whole formed from different colours side by side? Or is it more like white light, a whole formed from the merging of individual colours? 

How does an Indonesian photographer explore, engage with and think about the idea of community? Is it something desirable, inevitable, or dangerous? If we form an idea of what community is, and we consciously or spiritually make peace with that idea, what do we do with it then? How does it affect our actions? Do we change a community, or have some other kind of impact on it, by contemplating and internalising the very idea of it and, if so, how?

What visual means does an Indonesian photographer use in order to reach out, express her or himself, and engage? 

We are looking for projects, stories and visual interpretations exploring issues like these for an exhibition of modern Indonesian photography in Slovenia, Europe.

Project selection and exhibition curation will be carried out by Marija Skočir, curator and head of the Jakopič Gallery in Ljubljana, Ng Swan Ti from the PannaFoto Institute in Jakarta, and Saša Kralj from Living Atelier DK in Zagreb.

The exhibition will seek to present a cross-section of recent Indonesian photography to a Slovenian and wider European audience.

Photographers and artists submitting works in response to this Open Call may be represented at the exhibition in the following ways:

inclusion in the exhibition at the Jakopič Gallery in 2020, as well as in the exhibition catalogue to be published on the day of the opening;

as a visiting artist at the exhibition opening, in February 2020 (one person).

Terms and conditions:

  1. Projects submitted must be the work of Indonesian citizens. However, they do not have to have been created in Indonesia, provided that they address the topic of Community in some way.
  2. Projects should be no more than 10 years old.
  3. Each photographer can submit a maximum of two projects in two separate applications.
  4. If the project has been exhibited to the public before, please give details and include references.
  5. The photographer must be the sole owner of the exhibition rights to the works (whether exhibited in part or as a whole), or be able to guarantee free access to borrow the artworks if they are in a public collection.
  6. Successful applicants will be required to submit high resolution images for the exhibition and to cooperate fully with the curatorial team. Please ensure that all proposed projects comply with the technical specifications for exhibiting and printing set out below.
  7. At least one participant will be invited to the opening or other programmes in Slovenia as a guest artist.
  8. The application must contain the following:

A unified, consistent and fully formed photographic project that may be curated to fit in with the exhibition, although not to the extent of altering its concept or contextualisation. Projects must be conceptually and aesthetically complete photographic works, consisting of any number of images. Projects consisting of a single image must be strongly contextualised and appropriately presented. The curatorial team may need to reduce the number of photographs due to space limitations.

At the application stage, please only send photographs with a maximum resolution of 300 DPI per A4 page. If your application is successful, you will later need to supply photo files of at least 300 DPI in the intended format for display at the exhibition. Projects that do not comply with the technical specifications may be rejected even after initial acceptance.

If submitting video, VR or AR materials, these must be in the form of 12-15 static images, with links to YouTube or Vimeo addresses included in the description of the works. Images of video files can take the form of screenshots or views of exhibition installations.

If submitting a project consisting of printed materials (e.g. photographic prints, photobook, etc.), please send it digitally and include documentation photos of the printed work. We will not accept physical copies of printed materials at the application stage.

Title, text (description of the work or finalised exhibition text - 500 words max), captions - all in Indonesian and English.

Technical requirements for the intended display, installation proposal, display parameters.

Brief biographical information (250 words max), plus photographer’s contact details: email, phone number(s), postal address, website address and/or Instagram account, if applicable.

A low-res copy of a document proving Indonesian citizenship.

A description (200 words max) of the activities you could offer if selected to personally attend the exhibition in Ljubljana, e.g. any workshops, educational or artistic projects, or photographic activities you could contribute to the accompanying exhibition programme.

Key dates:

20 October 2019: application deadline
20 November 2019: announcement of selected projects
20 December 2019: deadline for receipt of final materials for printing
3 March 2020: exhibition opening3 March-21 June 2020: duration of the exhibition

Please send your application(s) using the following procedure:

  • Compress your complete application into a zipped folder and upload it to https://wetransfer.com/
  • Copy the WeTransfer link for the download and paste it into the form below, along with the rest of the required information:

Project author – name, surname

Project title

WeTransfer link to the uploaded application

Date uploaded

Additional notes, if any

  • Copy and paste your completed form into an email and send it to all 3 of the following addresses:




  • Your application has not been received until you get a confirmation from at least one of these three email addresses. If you do not receive a confirmation email within three working days of sending your application, please let us know.

Any additional queries you may have can also be sent to these email addresses.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Posted: 19. 7. 2019

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