The Miha Artnak
The Miha ArtnakLast
13. 2. 2024–24. 3. 2024
The exhibition Owned by artist and designer The Miha Artnak seeks to redefine our understanding of ownership and property by introducing innovative concepts of non-ownership and public-private property. Seven artworks challenge traditional views of art, exploring concepts of ownership, authorship, and authenticity using modern technology and services.
Giovanni Morbin
Giovanni MorbinHybridizactions, from 1995 to the present
28. 11. 2023–21. 1. 2024
As a tribute to Ljubljana at the Match Gallery we host a retrospective exhibition of the Italian artist and performer Giovanni Morbin named Hybridizactions, from 1995 to the present. Since the beggining Morbin's artistic research has been linked to behaviour, and for him performance is the ideal tool to express ideas. In the 1990s, Morbin was a regular guest on the Ljubljana art scene and conceived and performed four Hybridizactions in the city, which later had a significant impact on his international artistic career. Morbin also prepared a new Hybridizaction 16, Evergreen for the exhibition in Ljubljana.
Dominik Mahnič
Dominik MahničSteering the Brush
19. 9. 2023–5. 11. 2023
Dominik Mahnič, an emblematic figure nestled between the realms of academic painting, video mastery, technology, and street art insurgency, raises questions about the perpetual dialectics between classical artistry and the onslaught of contemporary technological modalities. Within this discourse emerges the Brushograph - a complex symbol not merely of art but also of the intersections between past, present, and anticipated futures.
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
Lighting Guerrilla: Space
22. 5. 2023–27. 8. 2023
The 17th edition of the international Lighting Guerrilla festival, based in and around the Match Gallery, will explore issues of space, which is also its central subject. Space, that ungraspable and infinite given, in which the totality of reality unfolds on the temporal line, raises many questions and, at the same time, a series of issues of great relevance to many aspects of contemporary life.
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII: Jesenice
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia VII: Jesenice
4. 4. 2023–7. 5. 2023
The exhibition caravan of the Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia series, which focuses on the local characteristics of specific areas, this time head to the railway town of Jesenice and its wider surroundings. The artworks on display, which originate from, are inspired by or created by artists from the area, question the idea of home, which takes on different meanings and images in this environment due to its specific geographical, cultural and historical position.
Marcel Valentini
Marcel ValentiniOriginal Forgeries
7. 2. 2023–19. 3. 2023
The exhibition will attempt to capture the figure and work of a Slovenian painter Marko Premrl which has changed its name to Marcel Valentini, and was involved, during and after studying painting in Italy, in the creation of forgeries with a certificate within the group Musée imaginaire. In addition to his creative practice, which he later carried out in Slovenia, he was probably the only forger who was involved in a criminal prosecution with a judicial epilogue in our country. Most of these cases instead end up in media scandals and leave too many open questions.
LEONE CONTINIConstructed Landscapes
29. 11. 2022–15. 1. 2023
Italian multimedia artist, philosopher and cultural anthropologist Leone Contini studies heritage, intercultural contacts and hierarchical power relations as consequences of transnational migration. Constructed Landscapes explores the interplay of circumstances in which the idea of an authentic Tuscan landscape in the surroundings of Prato, a town mainly known for its textile industry, meets the land cultivation practices of migrant small-scale farmers from Southeast China.
4. 10. 2022–13. 11. 2022
The sixth in a series of exhibitions under the title Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia, which aims to link Ljubljana with current regional artistic initiatives and groups, presents the peculiarities of the Pomurje artistic environment.
"GIARDINO ALL'ITALIANA": New tendencies in italian painting
"GIARDINO ALL'ITALIANA": New tendencies in italian painting
28. 6. 2022–11. 9. 2022
In collaboration with the renowned italian art critic and independent curator Antonio Grulli, we will present a group exhibition of the younger generation of contemporary artists and the new schools of Italian painting that have emerged from gatherings of painting communities across Italy.
23. 5. 2022–18. 6. 2022
Match Gallery is hosting the main exhibition of the 16th edition of the Lighting Guerrilla Festival, which this year explores the topic of Shadows and Reflections. This light festival will present a number of art installations in public space, once again transforming Ljubljana’s streets and squares into a setting for the exciting play of light.
6. 4. 2022–8. 5. 2022
On the 30th anniversary of the beginning of war and the arrival of BiH migrants to Slovenia, we are addressing our shared, yet poorly known experience with the help of personal memories of migrants as well as the people who helped welcome them. The exhibition, which assembles personal memories of 45 individuals with selected media reports and other documentation, is divided into two parts.
8. 2. 2022–18. 3. 2022
Marko Brecelj was a poet, singer-songwriter, musician, youth and social worker and a pioneer of Slovenian performance art. He was the father of the concept of the Soft terrorism, a form of activism in art, living his personal artform without distinction between the public and the private.
Stran22Soap Opera
23. 11. 2021–23. 1. 2022
The Match Gallery is delighted to be hosting Soap Opera, a sequel to an earlier installation by the Stran22 collective. Stran22 are now taking over more of the gallery, transforming the interior into three different viewing modes and juxtaposing it with its music-filled surroundings so as to create a new "soap opera": an opera based on soap water and an audience.
Yoshinori Niwa: On Rehabilitation of Domination and Domain
Yoshinori Niwa: On Rehabilitation of Domination and Domain
14. 9. 2021–31. 10. 2021
The exhibition is a topical overview of the projects of Yoshinori Niwa within the triangle of money-politics-ecology, which also characterises the artists' performative social interactions in public space.
Name:Time will Tell
2. 7. 2021–29. 8. 2021
At the exhibition we present a selection of artistic statements and interventions in urban space by the artist, who gave himself a nameless name: Name:. Conceptually, his works are based on the treatment and questions of public space (mis)use, with an emphasis on current social changes.
Lighting Guerrilla: Reality
Lighting Guerrilla: Reality
24. 5. 2021–19. 6. 2021
The main exhibition of the 15th Lighting Guerrilla festival will take place at the Match Gallery, with several locations in the gallery's immediate vicinity and other venues across the town centre hosting other festival events.
Double Part Time
Double Part Time
16. 4. 2021–16. 5. 2021
Reflections of the working class in Minerva Archive (Cluj, Romania) through the contemporary works by Dénes Miklósi, Szilárd Miklós, Răzvan Anton, Iulia Toma, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Csanád Kedves, Bálint Bolcsó and the complementary archive material by Cornel Rus and István Fischer.
Borut Krajnc: Transition
The exhibition in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 00:00 to 24:00.
Borut Krajnc: Transition
3. 3. 2021–11. 4. 2021
Due to the uncertain accesibility of cultural content caused by frequent changes in security measures, the exhibition is displayed 24 hours in the gallery windows facing the street, from where it invites visitors to safely enjoy a selection of original photographs by Borut Krajnc.
Out of Range – Ephemeral Effect
FuoriscalaVideo installation in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 16:00 to 8:00.
19. 12. 2020–8. 2. 2021
Athropocene is the era in which we live, and the data we collected show that things are already out of range. Things are out of control, they are "fuoriscala".
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
9. 9. 2020–25. 10. 2020
The exhibition consists of three projects by acclaimed American artist Tony Oursler: multimedia installation Phase Trans (2019), Eclipse (2019), a series of outdoor projections that merge the natural world with human narrative, and Imponderable Digital Archive (2016-20) which represents a selection of more than 1,000 images from the artist’s archive. 

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