Borut Krajnc: Transition
The exhibition in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 00:00 to 24:00.
Borut Krajnc: Transition
3. 3. 2021–11. 4. 2021
Due to the uncertain accesibility of cultural content caused by frequent changes in security measures, the exhibition is displayed 24 hours in the gallery windows facing the street, from where it invites visitors to safely enjoy a selection of original photographs by Borut Krajnc.
Out of Range – Ephemeral Effect
FuoriscalaVideo installation in the display windows of the gallery can be viewed each day from 16:00 to 8:00.
19. 12. 2020–8. 2. 2021
Athropocene is the era in which we live, and the data we collected show that things are already out of range. Things are out of control, they are "fuoriscala".
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
Tony Oursler: Experimentum crucis
9. 9. 2020–25. 10. 2020
The exhibition consists of three projects by acclaimed American artist Tony Oursler: multimedia installation Phase Trans (2019), Eclipse (2019), a series of outdoor projections that merge the natural world with human narrative, and Imponderable Digital Archive (2016-20) which represents a selection of more than 1,000 images from the artist’s archive. 
Is it working?
Is it working?
14. 7. 2020–29. 8. 2020
The exhibition presents recent productions of the ZKM | Hertz-Lab, a transdisciplinary research and development platform. The participating artists and researchers focus on the possibility of creation and design in the era of accelerated technological progress and digitalisation. 
Lighting Guerrilla: Five Elements
Lighting Guerrilla: Five Elements
15. 6. 2020–5. 7. 2020
Match Gallery is again the main venue of the Lighting Guerrilla festival in 2020. A series of lighting installations and projections are on display within the gallery and in its vicinity.
11. 2. 2020–31. 5. 2020
From 5 May 2020, our gallery doors are once again open for visitors. As the exhibition of contemporary artistic positions in Austrian Carinthia, had to be closed prematurely we have decided to prolong it. You are welcome to visit it until 31 May. Since we want to make sure you have a safe visit, please follow the instructions below.
Saeborg: Slaughterhouse 17
Saeborg: Slaughterhouse 17
12. 11. 2019–12. 1. 2020
The artist Saeborg (a coinage of the name Saeko and the word cyborg) sees the process of creating inflatable latex characters, which might at first glance invoke excess and fetish, as a means of achieving gender freedom and freedom of sexuality in the widest sense.
Sinta Werner: Somewhere or Other
Sinta Werner: Somewhere or Other
11. 9. 2019–27. 10. 2019
Berlin-based artist Sinta Werner uses architectural elements as a base for her art practice, charging them with artistic meaning by creating optical irritations.
Brad Downey: This Echo
Brad Downey: This Echo
4. 7. 2019–25. 8. 2019
With a four-fold disposition, the exhibition poses questions on media sensationalism, power of politics spread through the media and direct media censorship.
Lighting Guerrilla: Borders
Lighting Guerrilla: Borders
16. 5. 2019–15. 6. 2019
Public and gallery spaces in the city centre will be taken over by the Ljubljana festival of light once again: a group exhibition at the Match Gallery and a series of light installations in its vicinity will be on display during the festival opening, and in the second half-time the festival programme will expand to Alkatraz Gallery, to Fužine, to Lighting park…
Boštjan Čadež - Fšk: Line Rider
Boštjan Čadež - Fšk: Line Rider
12. 3. 2019–5. 5. 2019
The exhibition presents the story of the Line Rider web game (simulating a sledger going down the slopes), with which Boštjan Čadež - Fšk created a global phenomenon.
Dorotea Škrabo: Which Came First?
Dorotea Škrabo: Which Came First?TAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
5. 2. 2019–25. 2. 2019
At the last, seventh exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Dorotea Škrabo is presenting the "Which Came First?" triptych. The artist is interested in the phenomenon of the image in the internet era, exploring the relations between new media, popular culture and art especially as it relates to the limits of social networks.
Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia III
15. 1. 2019–3. 3. 2019
The exhibition features a group of artists whose life or work has been tied to Kočevje: Tina Đenadić, Mina Fina, Nataša Gašparac, Marko Glavač, Dora Gorše, Aleš Gregorič, Pavel Gregorič, Tomaž Gregorič, Sašo Koprivec, Polonca Lovšin, Lela B. Njatin, Vito Oražem, Urška Pečnik, Kočevje Musicians' Association.
Manuel Fabris: Leaps
Manuel Fabris: LeapsTAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
8. 1. 2019–4. 2. 2019
At the sixth exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Manuel Fabris is presenting the "Fabris" triptych. His artistic practice is marked by the desire to unify the seemingly opposite approaches to visual art: the digital approach perceived by the artist as cold and exact and the manual approach as the one that is spontaneous and direct. 
Luka Lavrenci: I’ll Do the Push-ups, I’ll Wear the Makeup
Luka Lavrenci: I’ll Do the Push-ups, I’ll Wear the MakeupTAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
11. 12. 2018–7. 1. 2019
At the fifth exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Luka Lavrenci, a graphic designer and illustrator is presenting the "I’ll Do the Push-ups, I’ll Wear the Makeup" triptych.
Saša Spačal: Earthlink
Saša Spačal: Earthlink
6. 11. 2018–6. 1. 2019
The exhibition by Saša Saša Spačal, an artist working at the intersection of intermedia art, exploration of living systems and audio frequencies, links Earth to the post-human present, that includes both a seed of the future as well as a shadow of the past.
Teja Miholič: Accidental Internet Artefacts
Teja Miholič: Accidental Internet ArtefactsTAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
6. 11. 2018–10. 12. 2018
At the fourth exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Teja Miholič is presenting the "Accidental Internet Artefacts" triptych.
Dorijan Šiško: WELLNESS
Takle mamo … / So it has come to this… #3
Dorijan Šiško: WELLNESSTAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
9. 10. 2018–5. 11. 2018
The series So it has come to this… resumes by questioning the attitude of our society towards the virtual world in all its breadth. This shows to be quite an ambivalent attitude – even in the post-virtual future as imagined by Dorijan Šiško.
Seeing Eye Awareness
Seeing Eye Awareness
5. 9. 2018–21. 10. 2018
The exhibition "Seeing Eye Awareness" celebrates the artist as cultural clairvoyant, as someone having a third eye opened unto the secrets of society, as someone we invite to reveal mystical truths.
L: Hex to ward off reptilian brainwashing
Takle mamo … / So it has come to this… #2
L: Hex to ward off reptilian brainwashingTAM-TAM’s Street Gallery
5. 9. 2018–8. 10. 2018
At the first exhibition of the "Takle mamo … / So it has come to this…" cycle Julien Moulin is presenting "Terra Incognita" series of graphic collages.

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