Videofestival Natures 14
exhibiition of films and videos
Videofestival Natures 14
11. 4. 2017–14. 4. 2017
Videofestival Natures 14 presents works selected through the festival’s open call by Tesa Drev, Nadja Osojnik and Zvonka T. Simčič and overwiev exhibition of film and video by Davorin Marc from 1978 till 2016.
Štefan Planinc: New Worlds
Štefan Planinc: New WorldsDrawings, paintings, guaches and collages 1958–2009
11. 1. 2017–25. 3. 2017
This retrospective exhibition features a selection of around one hundred works by Štefan Planinc created in the period 1958–2009. It revolves around the artwork depicting barely visible and distinguishable human and animal figures.

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