Janja Kosi
Wall objects and scale models 2022
Janja KosiButterfly House
18. 1. 2023–21. 2. 2023
Her artwork typically features spatial installations and the integration of various media. Kosi often explores the concepts of (non)space, home and domesticity, and the relationship between man and architecture.
From Sketch to Puppet
Puppets, sketches, scenic elements
From Sketch to PuppetMini teater: Milica Grbić Komazec in Nikola Komazec
1. 12. 2022–6. 1. 2023
This year's edition of the annual From Sketch to Puppet exhibition, which has been run by BežigradGallery 1 and 2 since 1980, is organised jointly with Mini Theatre Ljubljana. It features sketches,puppets and stage design elements created by puppeteers Milica Grbić Komazec and Nikola Komazec for the children's performance All Here, All Together, which was staged in 2017 in Mini Theatre Ljubljana. The goal is to demonstrate the process of creating a work of artfrom the initial idea to the final puppet performance.
Images of Poems 1
Images of Poems 1Exhibition of drawings, paintings and prints 1973–1984
19. 10. 2022–15. 11. 2022
The artwork on display mainly includes prints that were created as independent pieces of art. They represent a link between visual and concrete poetry and fine art. The exhibition continues the tradition in Bežigrad Galleries featuring independent and group exhibitions of poets. From 1980 and to this day.
Rajko Apollonio
Exhibition of paintings 2014-2022
Rajko ApollonioDrawing Closer
23. 6. 2022–20. 7. 2022
The display is presented serie of paintings from 2014 to 2022, in many ways, are reminiscent of his artistic work when he just started out.
Monika Slemc
Razstava slik
Monika SlemcMeeting of the Worlds
18. 5. 2022–18. 6. 2022
Paintings by Monika Slemc can be observed and perceived in a single moment. That's how fleeting they are. But one may stare at them forever and still the image would be there, infinite.
Tea Kralj
Exhibition of paintings
Tea KraljFrom up, Close and From Afar
13. 4. 2022–10. 5. 2022
Exhibition of paintings personal approach and attitude towards the past, which is the main topic of the young artist thesis. 
Eva Šuster
Prints 2018–2022
Eva ŠusterSaba, jury is an illusion of time
10. 12. 2021–6. 1. 2022
The artist builds her artwork on printmaking and combines it with poetry and painting. Her main techniques are drypoint, etching, reservage and aquatint. This independent exhibition at Bežigrad Gallery 1 features a series of prints from the cycle she has created in recent years. Her memories of her childhood and home environment are etched into her works. 
Robert Smolík
Robert SmolíkFrom Sketch to Puppet
4. 11. 2021–4. 12. 2021
Having been staged annually by Bežigrajska galerija 1 ever since 1980, the traditional From Sketch to Puppet exhibition presents an overview of how an artwork is made, from the puppet sketch, scenery and scenic elements to the final product. This year's exhibition focusing on the Robert Smolík, scenographer, puppets creator and mechanical objects.
Polona Demšar
Polona DemšarFROM BODY TO EAR – 20 YEAR
8. 9. 2021–6. 10. 2021
This overview exhibition features objects and sculptures by Polona Demšar from the past twenty years. It is also a logical continuation of her PD Profil exhibition, which was actually on display in Bežigrad Gallery 1 in 2013. It was designed based on the profile of the artist’s face.
Marko Tušek
Marko TušekThe Passage
9. 6. 2021–8. 7. 2021
The visual field, for him, is a heavily diversified yet psychologically united field - and this is why he refuses to specialize in merely one among the visual modes of expression. Besides the basic preoccupations (painting), he deals with photography, theater and film set design, gr. design and also traditional mural paintings in fresco technique
Živko Kladnik
Retrospective collage exhibition
Živko KladnikMidlife
24. 3. 2021–19. 5. 2021
The 28th exhibition in the series of visual poetry shows at the Bežigrad galleries in Ljubljana is dedicated to the memory of Živko Kladnik (1948–2017), one of our most important authors of visual poetry. The first retrospective exhibition will present eighteen collages, created by the artist at the start of the 21st century. A characteristic of his collages is the density of scraps and cuttings from newspapers and magazines, pasted on basic surfaces or blind frames.
Mini Theater
40 Years From Sketch to Puppet
Mini Theater
3. 2. 2021–10. 3. 2021
Upon the fortieth anniversary of the From Sketch to Puppet at Bežigrad Gallery 1 and upon the twentieth anniversary of Mini teater, a theatre for puppet and theatre performances, the exhibition presents the  creators of the flat puppets and artistic concepts for puppet performances, Iva-Matija Bitanga with the performance The Brave Adventures of a Little Shoemaker and Ana Viktorova with the performance The Tale of Tsar Saltan. On display are sketches, puppets, stage props and photographs, which are a depiction of the process of creating a piece of artwork, from its conception to the puppet performance.
Lučka Šparovec
Drawings, paintings and objects 2016–2018
Lučka ŠparovecLove is Blue
16. 9. 2020–22. 10. 2020
The artist’s artworks can be summarised with one word – integration. The lines and surfaces of her works are integrated into a new art world, one that is distinct of the artist’s life. Integration and never overlapping should be the essence of this world and beyond, where art enhances the meaning of life. This is exactly what the artworks of Lučka Šparovec are and what they depict.
Nina Čelhar
Paintings 2013-2020
Nina ČelharPersonal Residences
2. 6. 2020–30. 6. 2020
A representative of the younger generation, whose recognisable art style, which we have been meeting since her beginnings, consists of typical landscapes full of subdued colours and softly rounded exteriors. At the exhibition, she is presenting her paintings from 2013 to 2020, which focus on her views of interiors.Since we want to make sure you have a safe visit, please follow the instructions below.
Živko Marúšič
Drawings, prints and paintings 1977–1980
Živko MarúšičDrawing nearer
5. 2. 2020–6. 3. 2020
The exhibition presents some of Marúšić’s less known works from the 1977s, coming from the collections of the Piran Coastal Galleries and private collections. During this period, the artist worked on drawing and painting images, which were based on zooming in and out as perceived by a camera lens. Particular to these works is a bird’s eye view, in which human figures and street objects create the impression of a tranquil levitation.
Živko Kladnik (1948–2017)
Živko Kladnik (1948–2017)In the Midst of the World 1971–2016
13. 11. 2019–24. 12. 2019
The memorial exhibition of poetry and a retrospective of traditional, visual, and concrete poetry, art interventions and performances of Živko Kladnik from 1970 to 2016. It is the 28rd edition of the cycle of presentations of visual and concrete poetry at the Bežigrad Gallery.
From Sketch to Puppet and Paintings
From Sketch to Puppet and PaintingsPuppet Theatre ZAPIK
18. 9. 2019–30. 10. 2019
Having been staged annually by Bežigrajska galerija 1 ever since 1980, the traditional From Sketch to Puppet exhibition presents an overview of how an artwork is made, from the puppet sketch, scenery and scenic elements to the final product.This year's exhibition focusing on the Zapik puppet theatre is dedicated to puppet techniques using which Igor Cvetko and Jelena Sitar explore the medium of puppet theatres. One of their techniques of choice is the Japanese Kamishibai theatre.
Josip Korošec
Paintings and drawings1982–2017
Josip KorošecRememberings
29. 5. 2019–30. 6. 2019
His drawings are specific, drawn as if on a translucent membrane on an illuminated field. The works exhibited are from the period 1982–2017, during which the author was focusing on drawing images of plants and various fragments taken from nature.
Katarina Toman Kracina
Katarina Toman KracinaBig picture
20. 3. 2019–3. 5. 2019
The first overview exhibition of Katarina Toman Kracina’s work focuses on the painter's small and large-scale paintings on canvas, and her objects. Characterising her works are complex connections with the creation of a full spatial design. The artist's works preserve memories of individual events and fulfilled wishes.She leads a multifaceted life combining motherhood, partnership, work, household chores and art: what she observes and admires, what she creates, and what is subject to her restoration endeavours. Despite being a trained painter, she often incorporates sculpture and spatial installations into her paintings and drawings. Her exhibitions are typically ambient installations inviting spectators into her personal and emotional spaces.
Boris Gaberščik
Photographs 2018
Boris GaberščikThe Fruits of a Lengthy Experience
23. 1. 2019–28. 2. 2019
Presentation of most recent works by Boris Gaberščik, a photographer committed to the tradition of photography. Using completely analogue black-and-white photography to portray the world of everyday objects and inanimate nature, he nevertheless applies innovative creative approaches. He created these photographs specifically for this exhibition called The Fruit of a Long Experience in Bežigrad Gallery 1. 

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