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Coming from the architect Andrej Lodrant, the Plečnik House received a precious gift – an authentic drawing tool from the maestro Jože Plečnik.

18. December 2019
Plečnik House

If you noticed the poster or visited the exhibition Plečnik and the Sacred, Jože Plečnik, Slovenian Architect and Designer, you have surely seen the Škorjanc Chalice as the exhibition’s iconic artefact. Its photograph is on all accompanying publications. What ...

5. December 2019
Plečnik House

Today, 3 December 2019, the University of Ljubljana commemorated its hundredth anniversary with a formal sitting. At the sitting, the Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković presented a precious gift to the rector, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič, in the name of ...

3. December 2019
Plečnik House

At the 9th Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design, the design team from KABINET 01 has been awarded for their design of the catalogue and the exhibition graphics of our 2018 overview exhibition How to Draw a City?. The ...

12. November 2019
Plečnik House

The exhibition, which presents 33 liturgical vessels by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik to more than 20,000 daily visitors of the Vatican Museums has already been extensively reported on in Slovenian and foreign media. However, a few days ago an ...

12. July 2019
Plečnik House

The façade of the National and University Library (NUK), a graceful vignette and the door handle in the form of a dove are three of Plečnik’s works that were inspirational to the students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and ...

10. July 2019
Plečnik House

During the summer months of July and August, the Plečnik House will switch to its summer opening hours. This means that we will be also welcoming visitors on Mondays! We invite you to the house in which Plečnik's Ljubljana was ...

24. June 2019
Plečnik House

On Friday 31 May, the atmosphere on the Croatian island of Veliki Brijun was especially ceremonial, as the exhibition Plečnik on Brioni opened there. The exhibition presents Plečnik's last fully completed work – the garden pavilion dedicated to President Tito. ...

5. June 2019
Plečnik House

On the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Zagreb, the exhibition Plečnik on Brioni has been visiting Croatian cities for the past two years. At the start of April you can catch it in Split, while at ...

3. April 2019
Plečnik House

At the start of this year, the magazine Teatro Marittimo, published by the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, presented the architect Jože Plečnik and his works through three comprehensive articles. Among them is also an article on Plečnik's ...

28. March 2019
Plečnik House

At the beginning of March, the President of the Austrian National Council Mag. Wolfgang Sobotka paid a visit to the Plečnik House as part of the protocol programme. He was charmed with the house and Plečnik.

20. March 2019
Plečnik House

The leading Austrian architectural magazine Architektur aktuell featured a review of Andrej Hrausky's book Plečnik's Architecture in Ljubljana, which was co-published in 2017 by the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana and DESSA Gallery.

26. February 2019
Plečnik House

The National and University Library, Plečnik as Inspiration, Plečnik's Unrealised Projects for Ljubljana, Plečnik's sacral artefacts, and his last fully realised project, the pavilion on Brioni — all of them will leave a mark on the 2019 exhibition programme for ...

21. January 2019
Plečnik House

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