After decades of living abroad, Jože Plečnik moved back to his home city of Ljubljana in autumn of 1921. The reason was his new position as professor at the newly established Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Technical Sciences ...

7. October 2021
Plečnik House

On Friday, 24 September 2021 the newly renovated Cukrarna – a new space for the production and presentation of contemporary art – opened its doors to the public.

29. September 2021
City Museum of Ljubljana

Plečnik's selected works in Ljubljana are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage List!

28. July 2021
Plečnik House

Peek into the creative world of the architect Jože Plečnik, enjoy a good book in the large garden, or embark on a unique architectural adventure for the whole family … This summer experience the oasis of peace and tranquillity just ...

8. July 2021
Plečnik House

ICOMOS advises the UNESCO World Heritage Committee the inscription of all the nominated works by the architect Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana on the World Heritage List.

9. June 2021
Plečnik House

A bit hidden, but so much the sweeter.

28. May 2021
Plečnik House

Family workshops, birthday parties, guided tours with dogs, culinary-historical lectures, ...

11. May 2021
City Museum of Ljubljana

International conference: Urban Beekeeping – A Way to a Holistic Transformation Into Green Sustainable Cities

7. May 2021
Plečnik House

Last night, vandals destroyed an artwork by Katharina Cibulka, one of the artists currently presented in an exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, which was installed on the façade of the Cukrarna Palace. The event dismayed and saddened both ...

4. May 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“From Monday (until 11 April), you can walk through the labyrinth of learning and forgetting created at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana by Jože Barši in cooperation with the curator Barbara Sterle Vurnik, which seemingly also follows the example of ...

18. March 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

We have established a telephone line for children named the Don Quixote telephone. In I Spoke With, the artist and pedagogue Jože Barši, whose exhibition is now on view at the Ljubljana City Art Gallery, talked with different people ...

8. March 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

“We are currently in a transition from one global system into a totally different one. We live in a high-risk society. We are unbearable especially towards ourselves. It can only take a moment for us to become engaged in a ...

28. February 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Learning and Forgetting is the first major solo presentation by the architect, sculptor and educator Jože Barši since 2013. It provides an insight into the artist's most recent art production and also refers to his earlier creative work, which contributed ...

22. February 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Upon Dragica Čadež’s exhibition at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, we have prepared the “Triangular Head, Square Body” creative competition and received 130 entries in the form of diverse abstract sculptures. We have decided to give out prizes for the ...

19. February 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

The City Art Gallery Ljubljana is open again and we have also extended the deadline for the “Triangular Head, Square Body” creative competition, which is accompanying Dragica Čadež’s exhibition. We took a walk through the wooden forest of the artist’s ...

28. January 2021
City Art Gallery Ljubljana

In the Jakopič Gallery in mid-January, we are announcing the opening of the exhibition "On the Other Side", which has taken an interdisciplinary approach, assessing photojournalism through the lenses of media studies, art history and photographic theory. The scientific and ...

6. January 2021
Jakopič Gallery

The programme in 2021 begins with an exhibition focusing on the topics of newspaper photography archives. We will present the Romanian Minerva Archive and creatively show a historical archive as an example of good practice and a commentary through the ...

5. January 2021
Match Gallery

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