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23. September 2020
City Museum of Ljubljana

Take part in the digital mapping of Jože Plečnik’s heritage.

20. August 2020
Plečnik House
Start of the ISTER Interregional Project

Heritage of Emona connects to the heritage of the Danubian provinces of the ancient Roman Empire.

14. August 2020
City Museum of Ljubljana
Visiting Ljubljana this summer?

Ljubljana museums’ collective special offer for the summer: 1 ticket to 11 museums

24. July 2020
City Museum of Ljubljana
“Under the Free Sun” – an artistic intervention in Ljubljana’s centre

As part of the exhibition "Free Sun", currently on view at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana, a live artistic intervention Under the Free Sun will take place in the centre of Ljubljana on Friday, 19 June, between 3 p.m. ...

17. June 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Playful art alluding to the state administrative apparatus

Tobačna Gallery is presenting works of Viktor Bernik at the exhibition "HA, HA, HA!". Bernik takes on contemporary society with playfulness and humour, shifting back and forth between the fields of painting and those of drawing, video, graphics as well ...

3. June 2020
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001
Vlado Martek: This Book Is Better than Ideal

"Exhibition with Many Titles", which remains on view in the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana until Sunday, 24 May, was accompanied by the publication of the volume titled Ta knjiga je boljša od idealne (This Book is Better than Ideal). ...

22. May 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Private guided tours of “Exhibition with Many Titles”

In the desire to make “Exhibition with Many Titles” by the outstanding Croatian conceptual artist Vlado Martek more accessible, we have decided to present it to you through private guided tours which will be given by Alenka Gregorič, the art ...

18. May 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Under the Free Sun: Miha Štrukelj, “Trolldomsfjellet”

The series of videos presenting the artists’ preparations for the upcoming exhibition “Free Sun” in the City Art Gallery Ljubljana continues with Miha Štrukelj. His video outlines the creation of Štrukelj’s work titled “Trolldomsfjellet”, which is a Norwegian word for ...

14. May 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Under the Free Sun

Due to the current situation, we have understandably postponed the opening of the exhibition “Free Sun” to a later date. Fortunately, however, artists that will present themselves in the upcoming show have been emerging from their self-isolation.

9. April 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Over 200 works submitted in response to the “Art in the Time of Isolation” campaign

While our gallery’s doors remain closed amidst the spreading corona virus, we are opening space on Facebook and inviting all artists and creators to defy the prevailing sense of anxiety with their creativity and artworks.

2. April 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Under The Free Sun: Arjan Pregl, "Paintings Telling the Right Time Twice a Day" (tutorial)

Under normal circumstances, 16 April 2020 should mark the opening of the exhibition (ironically) titled “Free Sun” at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana. The project was envisaged to present contemporary fine artists. We hope that the exhibition will take place ...

2. April 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Virtual opening of the Vision 20/20: Community exhibition

On Tuesday, 17 March 2020 in the Jakopič Gallery we virtually opened the exhibition of contemporary Indonesian engaged photography.

18. March 2020
Jakopič Gallery
Art in this time of isolation

A new campaign by the City Art Gallery Ljubljana/MGML aims to support artists during the current crisis. At a time when fear looms larger than creativity, when panic exceeds inspiration and the bad news outweighs the good, the City Art ...

17. March 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Finalised, but postponed

After a year of enthusiasm, hard work and international cooperation, we are proud to see the exhibition Vision 20/20: Community – Contemporary Indonesian Engaged Photography finalised and ready for our visitors. However, all public events in Slovenia have been cancelled ...

17. March 2020
Jakopič Gallery

All locations of the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana are closed for ALL VISITORS until further notice.

13. March 2020
Restrictions of events at City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Dear visitors of the City Art Gallery Ljubljana! Based on government measures for preventing the spread of coronavirus, all events held in closed spaces are cancelled until further notice or we will do our best to hold them at later ...

11. March 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
History of Ljubljana

From pile dwellings to a green capital

5. March 2020
City Museum of Ljubljana
Atlas of Furniture Design

In November 2019, the Vitra Design Museum publishes the »Atlas of Furniture Design«, a new comprehensive overview on the history of modern furniture design.

25. February 2020
Plečnik House
Vlado Martek: “I Am One Hundred Percent in Ten Percent of Art”

“I am a ten percent artist, a ten percent neighbour, a ten percent father, a ten percent husband, a ten percent patriot, a ten percent friend… I divided one hundred percent into ten percent for each area. This gives me ...

21. February 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Second edition of the "Exhibition with Many Titles" opened at the City Art Gallery Ljubljana

Offering a comprehensive overview of Vlado Martek’s work from the 1970s to the present, the retrospective "Exhibition with Many Titles" continues and complements the edition staged last year at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka. The Ljubljana ...

6. February 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
Vision 20/20: photographers are selected

We are pleased to report that the VISION 20/20 exhibition on contemporary Indonesian photography is shaping up nicely. For the last two days the curators Marija Skočir (Jakopič Gallery-Slovenia), Ng Swan Ti (PannaFoto Institute-Indonesia) and Saša Kralj (Živi Atelje DK-Croatia) ...

15. January 2020
Jakopič Gallery
Critical reviews of Jiři Bezlaj’s exhibition Stone in City Art Gallery Ljubljana

"Marking the seventieth anniversary of the sculptor Jiři Bezlaj (1949), the City Art Gallery set up a survey exhibition presenting one of the most eminent Slovenian stone sculptors. Having worked in stone for more than forty years, Bezlaj has a ...

9. January 2020
City Art Gallery Ljubljana
You can adopt an axolotl

As lots of axolotls spend most of their lives as model organisms in scientific laboratories, the axolotls that were hatched at Sarah's aquarium are descendants from axolotls that had been lucky to leave the scientific laboratories. As they have been ...

9. January 2020
Cultural Centre Tobačna 001
The Match Gallery is starting 2020 with a bow to Klagenfurt

The programme in 2020 will begin with the fourth exhibition in the series "Ljubljana Bows to Slovenia", linking Ljubljana with topical regional art initiatives and collectives – this time with Klagenfurt.

6. January 2020
Match Gallery
Jakopič Gallery in 2020

From contemporary Indonesian photography to Slovenian press photography

6. January 2020
Jakopič Gallery
Videofestival Natures 17 / The competition by 8 February 2020

Between 14 and 17 April 2020, the Bežigrad Gallery 2 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is staging the video festival Natures 17. Works entered for the competition must include images of nature, even if only individual sequences.

4. January 2020
Bezigrad Gallery 2

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