Jože Suhadolnik: ALBUM, Neue Slowenische Kunst

Razstavo "Jože Suhadolnik: ALBUM, Neue Slowenische Kunst" spremlja katalog z 59 reprodukcijami fotografij Jožeta Suhadolnika.  

"At first sight, the series of photographs conveys a purified horizontal route of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) movement and various manifestations of its constitutive groups, i.e. Laibach, IRWIN and the Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre. However, the series also presents, perhaps in a more concealed manner, the vertical route, i.e. the route showing the NSK movement as a complex phenomenon which from the outset has been dismantling the borders of visual art. What is more, it has left a significant mark on the broader cultural context and actively intervened in other social spheres. The frozen photographic images created by Jože Suhadolnik are not intended as a chronicle of the Neue Slowenische Kunst movement; they are much more images narrating stories about spaces, people and moments. And yet these very same stories will appear completely different to each viewer. After all, this is an album." ( Tevž Logar, from the text in the catalogue)

Cena: 12 €

Založnik: Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane, Galerija Jakopič
Izid: januar 2012
Fotografije: Jože Suhadolnik
Besedili: Marija Skočir, Tevž Logar
Urednica: Marija Skočir
Oblikovanje: Bojan Lazarevič (Agora Design)
Prevod: Marjana Karer
Lektura slovenskega besedila: Katja Paladin
Lektura angleškega besedila: Murray Bales
Tisk: Božnar & Partner, Ljubljana
Naklada: 400
Število strani: 152
Število reprodukcij: 59

Jože Suhadolnik: ALBUM, Neue Slowenische Kunst
© Matevž Paternoster/MGML